Next Generation Leadership Initiative: discovering, developing, and deploying leaders and ministry resources for the Anglican Church in North America.

What if we told you there was a provincial initiative called for by Archbishop Beach charged with helping churches and dioceses raise up the next generation of lay and ordained leadership in the ACNA? What if this initiative was committed to fostering the renewal of youth ministry, college ministry, and family ministry across the province? What if this initiative was providing pathways into the ACNA for committed Christians of color to serve as clergy and lay leaders in our midst? What if was also heavily invested in supporting the next generation of Anglican scholar clergy whose writings from the heart of the church provided a public witness to what God was doing in and through the Anglican way? All these things and more are happening through Next Generation Leadership Initiative.

But we need your help to continue our work. Therefore, we are asking for 100 churches and individuals to pledge $1,000 (or more) for the Next Generation Initiative. This will allow us to fund the following positions fully for the fiscal year 2021:

  • Provincial Canon for Next Generation Leadership
  • Provincial Director of Campus Ministry
  • Provincial Director of Youth Ministry
  • Provincial Director of Family Ministry
  • Provincial Director of Antioch Clergy Initiative
  • Provincial Director of Communication for NGL

Our growing movement has begun crafting language to describe our hopes for the Next Generation of the ACNA, and these are the four words that capture our hopes for the future. Our longing is for a future Anglicanism, that is:

  • Faithful to Scriptures and the great tradition.
  • Just in our concern for those in need.
  • Multiethnic because that is God’s vision for his kingdom.
  • Missional because we care about the Lost.

Our mission is to help make this future a reality. Therefore, the mission of NGLI is to discover, develop, and deploy leaders and ministry resources for the Anglican Church in North America. If this something that inspires you, then we hope that you will be willing to support us in this work.

Next Steps

1. Fill out the below form so we can thank you appropriately.

2. Send your donation to

  1. Once you click on the link above, it will open in a separate window.
  2. Put the amount you would like to donate based on your frequency of giving.
  3. Select Next Generation Leadership as the Fund
  4. Choose the frequency you would like to give (one-time, monthly, weekly, etc.

If $1,000 monthly is beyond your budget, please submit the form below and any donation amount you can give. Every bit helps. We are appreciative.

Your donation to the ACNA Next Generation Leadership (NGL) is tax-deductible.