New Wineskin Pre-Conference

Access: Disabilities & Belonging

Thursday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm
September 22, 2022

Who should attend this pre-conference?

Those with a desire to see congregations become communities of belonging for individuals with and without disabilities. Every three years, we gather at New Wineskins Global Missions Conference to connect with others involved with Disability & Belonging ministries from around the world for celebration, inspiration, and renewal.

ASL interpreting will be offered throughout the New Wineskins Global Missions Conference. Learn more about the conference at and register here.

In addition to the pre-conference gathering, the Access Leadership Network will host the following two MAP talks at New Wineskins. 

New Wineskin MAP Talks

Removing Barriers, Creating Community

Jennifer Feldman, presenter

Churches want to welcome those affected by disabilities, but sometimes find it difficult to navigate challenges which arise. Access Leadership Network was created to provide Advocacy, Resources, Research, and Training for churches in the ACNA; to come alongside churches to help overcome obstacles with thoughtful creativity, and view those with disabilities as valued and indispensable members of their congregation. Come learn more about Access Leadership Network and how you can begin the process of removing barriers to create a Christian Community of Belonging for individuals with and without disabilities.

Let's Just Start by Saying Hello!

Jody Farmer, Presenter

“There is growing recognition that the language of inclusion does not fully capture the depth of connection and mutuality people with disabilities desire” (Erik Carter).  Belonging is a human need sought by those who engage with a community of people. Explore the Ten Dimensions of Belonging and consider the framework Erik Carter suggests for faith communities to reflect on the practices and commitments which contribute to belonging within their local body of believers.