As an initiative of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), we are associated with the following ministries who serve current and future leaders (both lay and ordained) in our denomination.

Agape Year

God's Kingdom Come starts with you

Jesus's invitation to the disciples was a simple one, and Agape Year's invitation is the same...Come and See. Come and see what God is doing in Pittsburgh and throughout His Kingdom. Agape Year is a gap year for recent high school graduates (18-20 years old) who are eager to see God's justice roll down like waters at home and abroad. Agape Year is an 8-month program that will challenge you, inspire you, and change your life.

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Always Forward

Church Planting Initiative of the Anglican Church in North America

Always Forward is a collaborative effort of the province, dioceses, local churches, and people of the ACNA working together for the planting of new gospel-centered, sacramental, missional churches. The mission of Always Forward is threefold: (1) Equipping a movement by multiplying church-planting churches. (2) Strengthening our dioceses by raising up new planters through equipping and catalyzing resources. (3) Supporting local planters by connecting them to a larger network of loving relationships to give them the best possible chance of planting healthy churches in healthy ways.

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Anglican Multi-Ethnic Network (AMEN)

Scholarly Articles & Resources for Anglican Congregations

AMEN is a group of individuals, organizations, and churches in the ACNA who are dedicated to encouraging the church to better embody the universal saving power of the gospel by supporting multi-ethnic Anglican Churches. We work to increase the presence of people of color in existing congregations. We believe that to do this work effectively it is important that our churches address the varied historic and ongoing concerns of people of color, especially issues of social justice. The Executive Leadership Team and the Leadership Advisory Council are working to broaden the reach of the Network.

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A model for one on one discipleship

The “Engage” initiative provides a model for youth ministry that is tuned to small churches and church plants. It is centered on training adults to read the Bible with teenagers and works to create diocesan level structures to support ministry to teenagers. 

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Every Tribe & Nation Network

Partnership Building Relationships, Respect & Release

Building a network of people from all nations across ethnic, national, and regional lines for the release of leadership into the next generation. They facilitate church partnerships between diaspora communities in North America and the ACNA. Promoting respect between people of different ethnic, national, and church communities. Providing resources enabling churches and leadership to better serve the growing immigrant population in North America. Developing leaders in ethnic communities, training, and releasing them for the mission of the Church: from everywhere to everywhere.

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Global Mission Initiative

Mobilizing Anglicans for Cross-Cultural Mission Around the World

Founded in 1974, New Wineskins Missionary Network mobilizes Anglicans to be more knowledgeable, active, and effective in fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission. New Wineskins raises mission awareness and provides resources. They launch mission networks and encourage praying and caring for missionaries, and they have been hosting the New Wineskins for Global Mission conferences every three years since 1994. Over 1,000 participants from over 60 nations attended our New Wineskins Global Mission Conference

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Matthew 25 Initiative

Serving the Vulnerable, Marginalized & Under-Resourced

Matthew 25 is a community of Anglicans in North America who companion and contend for shalom among the vulnerable, the marginalized, and under-resourced communities fulfilling Jesus’ call to love “the least of these.” They also exist to help ACNA churches to learn about and connect with the work serving those on the margins, happening within our denomination. Their initiative seeks to partner with justice and mercy ministries in their critical launch stage through their matching grant program and assemble laborers from the field for learning and refreshment through our Gathering.

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Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Selah’s curriculum is designed to nurture each participant in two main areas: a foundational understanding of the theology of spiritual formation (through faculty teaching during retreat residencies, and reading and reflection assignments in between residencies), and the central practice of spiritual direction (through small group experiences in retreat residencies, and individual experiences of offering spiritual direction and reflecting on it with a Selah faculty supervisor in between residencies).

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Spiritual Leadership, Inc. (SLI)

Helping church leaders find and keep joy in their ministries

The passion for God and the passion to create healthy leadership cultures drove the development of SLI's L3 model of Loving, Learning, and Leading. This model simply mirrored the elements that brought SLI into existence in an intentional way. From the very first project on, SLI has considered itself a learning organization. SLI’s ability to learn and grow has become quite significant with hundreds of projects affecting thousands of churches across 18 denominations, in diverse cultures all over the world.

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