The vision of the Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI) is to raise up the next generation of leaders for our churches, communities, and cultures.

This is accomplished through the mission to discover, develop, and deploy leaders and ministry resources across the Anglican Church in North America province.

ACNA Youth & Student Ministry within the NGLI, therefore, seeks to answer the following questions:


How we support our dioceses and parishes to discover current and potential leaders from within our youth/student ministries and their adult leaders (staff and volunteer)?


How we support dioceses and parishes to develop tools for discipleship and leadership formation of the next generation?


How we support the creation and sharing of opportunities for the next generation to lead today in their church, community, and culture?

NGLI Youth & Student Ministry supports this vision by supporting those within our dioceses and parishes that are actively ministering to the next generation. NGLI Youth Ministry develops the tools and opportunities for discipleship and leadership, focusing on these key components:

  • Encouraging and Equipping current and future student ministry leaders;
  • Leadership development at the local, diocesan and national levels;
  • Spiritual Formation;
  • Discipleship and Experiential Education;
  • Partnership with existing and future organizations;
  • Curriculum and Catechesis Resources;
  • Safety.
Youth Ministry Resources
Youth Ministry Leadership