Catechism in Family Prayer

This important new family resource from NGLI's Student Leadership Network Team integrates the whole of the Catechism with the Family Devotion format from the Book of Common Prayer to place our common prayer and our common teaching in the most influential space for a young person: the home.

Designed to be used in the home by families as they prepare for confirmation and continue their formational life, Catechesis in Family Prayer will be complete by May 2022, but you can download and preview the first month's content now in one of two PDF formats: pages or spreads (Each printer or copy store will have a preference of pages or spreads to print as a booklet.).

"This is an excellent way for families to not only pray together, but also to learn the basics of the faith together. It's simple and profound. It's biblical and prayerful."
--Archbishop Foley Beach


"As a servant of the gospel and minister in the church, I have come to believe how much catechesis has been undervalued in 21st century western church culture. We need robust thinking and resources and this Catechism in Family Prayer is another great addition to a growing body of catechetical materials for the church. Many thanks to the team for all their hard work and labor of love. I highly commend this resource."
-- Bishop Alan Hawkins


"I am so glad to see Rev. Aaron Buttery undertake this project. Giving young people a winsome and thorough understanding of faith is a core function of the church. Melding To Be a Christian and The Book of Common Prayer in a relational setting has huge promise."
-- Bishop Todd Hunter

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on this resource. It is the hope of all who worked on it that Catechesis in Family Prayer would support and encourage you as you invite young people to live in the fullness of life found only in Jesus.