Imago Dei (2)


Imago Dei is the Latin term for ‘the image of God.’ This phrase first appears in chapter one of Genesis when “God created man in his own image, in the IMAGO DEI he created him: male and female He created them.”


Imago Dei has become a form of shorthand used in speaking of God’s loving imprint upon the human race and although it cannot be precisely defined, we have come to recognize that we as humans carry the image of God in a very unique way. 

Please join us for our upcoming Imago Dei event to be held September 29th at 8:30pm (ET). We have the privilege of partnering with the Access Leadership Network. Our focus for this event will be welcoming the following groups: those with visible disabilities, invisible disabilities, and family members of someone with a disability. We will hear from these individuals during a facilitated panel discussion and then it will be followed with a brief Q&A. 

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Men and women are welcome to attend this event. 


Questions? Please Contact Rev. Virginia Musselman.