The vision of the Next Generation Leadership Initiative (NGLI) is to raise up the next generation of leaders for our churches, communities, and cultures.

This is accomplished through the mission to discover, develop, and deploy leaders and ministry resources across the Anglican Church in North America province.

Raising up the next generation of leaders begins with how we are raising our children. The term Family Leadership Network covers children’s ministries in our churches, but the name includes an intentional shift to also place a priority on equipping parents as the primary disciplers of the next generation.


How are our dioceses and parishes discovering leaders from within our children’s ministry?


How are our dioceses and parishes developing leaders and resources to disciple the next generation?


How can our dioceses and parishes offer opportunities for the next generation of leaders to lead today?

NGLI Family Leadership Network supports this vision by supporting those within our dioceses and parishes that are actively ministering to the next generation. The NGLI guiding principle of developing the tools for discipleship is the primary area of focus for family ministry, specifically:

  • seeking to develop ways to support those in parish ministry by connecting them to others in similar situations who can mentor or help;
  • training those in parish ministry to strengthen efficacy;
  • providing quality resources for use within the parish or diocesan ministry;
  • and striving for the protection of children by researching and disseminating best practices for the prevention and reporting of sexual misconduct.

What does the Family Ministry Network mean to you?


Family Ministry Resources
Family Ministry Leadership

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