Storying Groups exist to invite leaders into authentic community, where their spirits grow, their hearts heal, their minds can expand, and God’s glory is revealed in our life’s stories.

Each of us have significant stories that are part of our lives, that are a part of
who we are and it is these stories which have shaped us and influenced our life’s
trajectory. But, these stories do not have to be the bounds of our character or our
identity. When we share these stories and they are heard through the lens of God’s
grace, and His goodness, and His truth, sharing these stories can lead to
empowerment, can lead to transformation, and can grow us as the leaders God intends
us to be.

Our 2022 WLN Storying Groups registration will open in Fall 2022 for Winter 2023 January start date.

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How Long is the Commitment?

We ask that you select a time and day of the week that you can commit to 10-12 sessions. 

How many people will be in a group?

Storying Groups are made of no less than 4 and no more than six people including the trained facilitator.

How will these groups be hosted?

We gather online in a format via the Zoom platform, facilitated by trained ACNA women leaders from various backgrounds, both lay and ordained.

How are the groups organized?

The groups are organized by schedule availability.

What is the format for these Storying Groups? How long does each session

Each storying session lasts for 90 minutes. During this time, the format is all predetermined. You begin with prayer, intentional connection with the group, and your story. It takes on average about 10-15 minutes to share your story. The rest of the time is going to be spent looking at this story through the lens of following three questions.

  • What do I notice?
  • What do I wonder about?
  • Where do I see God at work?

These are the questions that those who have listened to the story are asking. They are random – you have the choice to answer or not. Your facilitator will be there with you helping you to field questions that may not be applicable. You are not alone as the storyteller or the ones listening to the story.

Your facilitator will reiterate this information at your initial group session and share with you this information. And your facilitator models how telling your story looks by going first during your second group session.

How Were the Facilitators Trained?

These facilitators have gone through months of training and are equipped to lead well. They are guided by tenants developed by the Allender Center whose core belief is that we are best known—and our stories are best seen—in the company of others. Storying Groups invite us to investigate themes of our lives that have shaped who we are as leaders, and they will be within the context of a supportive group where we receive encouragement and wisdom as we seek to tell and live out our story in deeper and more transformative ways.

What is the purpose of all this, the purpose of these little groups?

Ultimately, it is for God’s glory and the fulfilling of his heart’s desires as we are transformed in his image and reach out to those who do not know him in a way that offers them respect, honor, healing, grace, and authentic community where they can see God’s love in action and meet Christ. It is so that we as women leaders in the ACNA and beyond, can be a strong company of companions, women who intentionally take kingdom initiatives to impact the next generation and build God’s preferred future, for all of us and together for His glory.

Would you like to learn more about this amazing opportunity? Watch this video to learn more of why we have storying groups (formerly known as Anna’s storying groups):

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